Health Economics

Implementation cost-effectiveness:
We partner with researchers at the IHR and external to Kaiser Permanente who are leading a variety of health system and behavioral interventions to evaluate implementation and replication costs. Specifically, we have developed tools and procedures that estimate implementation costs and cost effectiveness to provide health system and policy leaders with key information when they are considering the adoption of a demonstrated effective intervention.

Medical Costs of Care:
We have also developed costing algorithms to estimate the total medical care costs of adult patients diagnosed with a variety of diseases including cancer, depression, and other significant comorbidities. The algorithms allow researchers to generate generalizable costs of care based on the care, treatments and outcomes the patient receives at Kaiser Permanente (or in other health systems that use the Virtual Data Warehouse). These estimated costs are comparable to other external cost estimates including those generated using Medicare or Medicaid data. These studies are used to inform clinical leaders and policy makers of the economic impact and cost-effectiveness of new treatment modalities or other clinical or behavior interventions.

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